Spring Update

Time is Traveling Faster Now

Where’s my time going?

Hello readers (mom <3),

I apologize for my loooong delay between post. I can hardly believe it is already spring time. Whew, time is traveling faster now. What have you been up to so far this year? I hope something awesome!

I have been building a desktop application for an engineering firm for stormwater management. On this project, I am on my own, so designer, manager, and developer! Focused on maintainability, I’m following test driven development (TDD) principles and loving it. This project is definitely taking up the vast majority of my time, but I’m always trying to keep learning.

On the learning front, I’ve launched an open source project (my rad Github). It is the theme to this blog, beautifultom. I’m going to learn more about Git, while learning to manage an OS project, and working with other developers! I hope that you find this Hugo theme useful and will help me out making them better for everyone.

I’m hoping over the next month or so to post some regular updates on the following topics:

  • Details on beautifultom
  • Impostor Syndrome
  • Seven Programming Languages in Seven Weeks

I hope you stay tuned, and thanks for reading,